SnaX - Less is More!

A lightweight 3D game engine for Windows 10!

Snax is fast

snax is free

snax is simple


What is SnaX?

SnaX is a new development tool for real-time 3D-graphics applications like games, simulators or other visualization solutions depending on high-performance, real-time 3D-graphics. 

SnaX is based on a powerful real-time, visual programming concept. Your project keeps running as you develop it – Visually, without writing a single line of code!


Why SnaX?

Why bother with SnaX when there are so many other great alternatives?
It's Fast

SnaX is built with performance in mind!

It's Free

SnaX is free for personal and commersial use!

It's Simple

SnaX is easy to learn, easy to use, easy to like!

It's versatile

YOU got the idea!
SnaX is the tool!


Who is SnaX for?

SnaX is for anyone interested in fast, efficient and fun 3D-graphics programming for Windows 10! It’s a lightweight, low-level, highly capable tool, suitable for developers familiar with object-oriented programming concepts, shader programming, linear algebra and 3D-graphics in general. SnaX would also make an excellent tool for learning many of these skills!


SnaX is all about chips

These chips are good for you - Zero calories, maximum power! That's SnaX!

Visual Programming!

Programming happens in a graphical environment where writing code is replaced by visually linking together small blocks of functionallity called chips!


What are chips?

Just like the microchips found inside your computer, a chip can be thought of as a black box with a limited, well-defined functionality inside – It is a virtual microchip.


Chips are powerful!

Technically, chips are plugins (DLL-files) loaded on demand, containing executable code written in native C++ making them AND your project run extremely fast.


There is a Chip for it!

Chips implements all kinds of functionality, from basic program constructs, to graphics, physics, networking and sound! 

You can even create your own Chips using the free SDK on Github!

The SnaX SDK Is On Github!


Key Features of SnaX

SnaX is built on a simple, yet powerful concept rich on functionality!

Developing with SnaX is all about connecting and configuring chips of different types, and requires little to no traditional coding at all.


SnaX lets you run your project while you develop it. Any changes you make to your program can be viewed instantly. Forget about those lengthy compile steps – We took care of those! 


SnaX lets you develop using true object-oriented principles known from traditonal programming languages like C++ or Java. Create class hierarchies, override and inherit! All visually!


Every programmer knows the usefulness of break-points when debugging a program, and SnaX got a chip for it – Literally! Step in to your program, monitor values, view the stack trace, edit and continue.

Performance Profiling

SnaX got a built-in performance profiling functionality helping you find the bottlenecks in your program. As soon as you update your program, the statistics are available!

Modular by

SnaX is highly modular and extendable by its design.  Most functionality is provided as packages with Chips, offering a clean and uniform interface for further development! Create your own Chips using the SDK!

Realize your ideas today!


The technologies behind SnaX

SnaX is built for Windows 10, utilizing DirectX 12 for state of the art graphics!
Windows 10

Built for the number one OS

DirectX 12

Stunning Graphics

Nvidia PhysX 4

Dynamic Scenes


About SnaX

Who created SnaX, and why?

SnaX is developed by the Norwegian company mCODE. The person behind the company has a Msc degree in computer science, and has more than 14 years experience as a developer of simulators, software for TV and industrial applications.

– I created SnaX for the fun of it, and quickly realized that this is a tool many others could find useful as well! I hereby invite you to try it out!

Frank Mortensen

Founder, mCODE A/S


Latest News

Keep up to date on the latest about SnaX!

SnaX is here!

mCODE is proud to announce the very first version of SnaX Game Engine.
Its been years in the making, but the time has finally come to release SnaX to the public - For free!
Give SnaX a chance - Try it today!

SnaX – Version 1.6: Libraries!
It’s been almost a year since the previous release of SnaX – Time flies! Then it’s good to know that SnaX version 1.6 today bring you lots of new and great features! Let’s have a…
SnaX – Version 1.5: One year and counting!
The first version of SnaX was released exactly one year ago today, and I’m celebrating the big event with the release of Version 1.5 of SnaX. This release contain a lot of new features for…
SnaX – Version 1.4.3
This is another maintenance release with a few bugfixes and updates. Perhaps the most interesting update to this release is the improvements to the installer. It is now possible to install SnaX without any administrator…

Get in Touch

Questions, comments, bug reports or feature requests? Get in touch!
SnaX is Fast
SnaX is Free
SnaX is Simple
SnaX is Fast
SnaX is Free
SnaX is Simple

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