SnaX – Version 1.2 & SDK

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The SDK for SnaX is finally here! Now, starting with version 1.2 of SnaX, anyone can create their own chips, implementing all kinds of new functionality for SnaX! There are so many possibilities to what you can use this SDK for that it’s impossible to name them all! You can easily integrate your favorite physics engine, sound or network library, implement complex algorithms, add support for any custom hardware you might have; The list is long! Only you know what you need, and by providing this SDK, we make SnaX a much more interesting alternative in the market of game and graphics engines to many more people! You are no longer bound to what is already there – Extend SnaX with the things you need!

You find the new SDK on github:

To demonstrate what is possible to do with this SDK, the nVidia PhysX Chips are now open source! This packet uses the new SDK to integrate parts of this amazing physics library for SnaX.
You find it on Github – Free to use:

Unleash your creativity with SnaX!

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