Windows protected your PC?

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I got a couple of questions from people worried about installing SnaX because they were met by the “Windows protected your PC” message when they tried to install the software. They therefore asked me whether or not it is safe to install SnaX.

The reason for the message is because SnaX is not digitally signed to verify its origin. Signing the application would make me have to get a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA), and that cost quite a lot of money. As SnaX is a free piece of software I’m making zero money on, I really can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars a year for such a certificate, just to get rid of this message.

I know it’s no perfect solution, but I will be proving hashes (MD5/SHA-256) for each release of SnaX. This way you can at least be sure the software you just downloaded is the same software I built and uploaded to the server.

To continue the installation, click More info, then Run anyway on the next screen!


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