SnaX can be downloaded using the link below.

System Requirements:
A computer running 64-bits Windows 10, minimum 2.0 GHz processor, and 4 GB RAM. A DirectX 12 compatible graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 400/500-series (Fermi), AMD Radeon GCN1, Intel Haswell/Broadwell etc) or better is required.

The current stable version of SnaX is 1.5.0: Download Now!

NOTE: The installation can be done without admin rights!


Installer Checksums:

MD5:     75DF9653E2FD82A995C3C97FA881AE7B
SHA-256: 0F3F9447600C71174EEA8D4693CFE9833705CC50CFA5FCA650D7CDCD4C7E931D

Windows protected your PC? Read this!

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Please also have a look in the User Manual and the two tutorials currently available:

– Tutorial 1 – The Basics.
– Tutorial 2 – Object-Oriented Programming.

There is also a few examples in the installation directory of SnaX, that can be opened in SnaX Developer to help you get started!

The SDK for SnaX is found on Github:


You can help us improve SnaX by giving us feedback to support (at) with questions, bug reports, feature requests etc. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and will help us create a better product for our users!